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As a family owned business since 1968, MZI’s mission is to serve our customers with the highest quality and workmanship that is possible and to be a service-oriented company who is available 24 hours for our customers. The retail store & showroom, The Bath Barn, is a place for you to come to get questions answered and to be given personal service in your plumbing and heating needs. Our showroom provides bathroom designs and displays of products to help our customers visualize and make their dream bathrooms a reality within budgetary lines. We are committed to change as our customers needs change and to strive to provide up to date service and technology.


Monthly Specials

November 2014

FREE Humidification System with purchase of a New or Replacement HVAC System

$350 OFF a New or Replacement HVAC System

$250 OFF Full Bath Remodel

$150 OFF Tub or Shower Replacement

20% OFF Vanities & Countertops

15% OFF Water Softener & Installation

One offer per household. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid thru 12/31/14.


Efficiency Tips to Stay Warm

8 Easy Ways to Maximize Home Heating:

  1. Lower your thermostat. You likely won’t notice a huge difference if you turn it down just a few degrees, a move that can shave 5 percent to 10 percent off your heating bill. It’s especially wise to turn down the heat whenever you leave your home for several hours.

  2. Watch that water heater. It’s also not likely to be noticeable if you turn down the thermostat on your water heater to, say, 120 degrees from about 140 degrees.

  3. Consider a programmable thermostat. They are reasonably priced, and it’s money you’re sure to make back over the course of a year because your heating bills will drop. A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the heat on a predetermined schedule, so you can lower the heat when you’re not home or when you’re sleeping.

  4. Don’t let heat escape unnecessarily. Keep your doors and windows shut when the heat is on. If your home has a fireplace that you aren’t using, be sure the flue is closed and glass doors are in place to minimize heat loss. In addition to those bathroom ventilation fans, turn kitchen ventilation fans off when they aren’t needed.

  5. Call for a checkup. Proper maintenance will help your heating unit run more efficiently. Electric and oil heaters should get professional attention at least once a year and gas heaters every other year. Also, here’s a step you can take all on your own: Remember to check the filters in your heating system and make sure they’re clean and clear. Dirty filters lead to higher heating costs.

  6. Keep windows covered when it’s dark outside. This will help you reduce heat loss and keep cold air at bay, especially if you have older windows. But be sure to let in the light during the daytime — those rays of sun will help heat your home.

  7. Explore outside. Check the exterior of your heating unit. Avoid stacking anything against the heat pump or draping anything over it. Hose the outside unit down to clear it of dirt, leaves and grass clippings. If your indoor unit appears to have excess water around it, see whether the condensate drain and pan are blocked.

  8. Light a candle. Not for warmth, but for the purpose of doing a little sleuth work. Hold the flame near windows, doors and light fixtures and look for smoke moving in a horizontal direction. If you see it, that means you’ve spotted an air leak, and it likely means heat is escaping your home easily. To solve that problem, install some low-cost caulking or weather-stripping, or consider adding some insulating material.

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An Inside Look

At The Bath Barn

There is so much to offer at The Bath Barn showroom with decades of experience. Our one of a kind showroom has the newest designs. And The Bath Barn is all about value. One day bath remodelers cost up to twice as much as our custom bathrooms. Plus, here there are no long waits for somebody to help you. We have professional staff waiting to assist you. There is a large variety of sinks, pedestals, vanities, faucets, cabinetry, showers, baths and more for your bathroom and kitchen projects. Let us help you to make your bathroom or kitchen be just what you imagined. Click on the movie link picture to the left to see our newest commercial or click here for more details about The Bath Barn.